Native Americans and Columbus

Native Americans' encounter with Columbus

There is a chilling story about what really happened when Columbus came to America.  At first the Europeans lived in peace with the native folks.  However, this changed and brutality and rape occurred frequently. Spaniards would test the sharpness of their swords by cutting a native in half or beheading them in contests.  Natives were thrown into vats of boiling soap.  Babies were plucked from the arms of mothers and their heads were dashed against rocks.  Columbus would force the Natives to work in gold mines.  Those who refused would have their heads or ears cut off.  In one of the provinces each Native over 14 years of age was required to provide a thimbleful of gold every three months.  If you did not comply your hands would be cut off and tied around your neck until you bled to death.  Around 10,000 died this way.

250,000 thousand Natives died in Haiti.  Many of these were mass suicides and mothers killing their children before they were killed.

Columbus provided his men with sex slaves many as young as nine and ten.  Men would raid villages raping women for sport.

Butcher shops provided human flesh for dogs.  Dogs were trained to chase Natives and kill them to eat.

After his third voyage Columbus was sent back to Spain in shackles for mismanaging the island of Hispaniola.   He was pardoned by King Ferdinand and went back to America on his fourth voyage.

When I first read about this hidden part of the history of Columbus I thought about the atrocities of modern terrorists and how we are horrified with their actions.  Yet we have had our own history of Europeans who have been just as ruthless as any terrorist today.

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